Even in summer our house is the perfect starting point for your adventures. The Dachstein-Tauern-Region with its manifold and intact nature is a source of utter joy for recreation seekers and extreme sports enthusiasts alike.

The valleys and mountains of the Schladming Tauern were formed from crystalline rock. They boast more than 300 mountain tarns, 100 waterfalls and 1.000 springs with waters literally fit to drink. No wonder, then, that they soon became known as „The Valley of 1.000 Springs“.

Come and feel the power of high alpine water sceneries, virgin biotopes full of unique animals and plants, raised bogs and natural „fridges“, canyons from blank marbles, mineral springs, powerful places …

Ausblick auf die Region
Wunderschöne unberührte Natur


Whether you prefer a gentle experience featuring verdant valleys and tranquil lakes, or if you are drawn to explore the region’s major peaks - there’s no doubt you’ll discover your own personal favourite!

Well-maintained hiking paths interconnect hill farms, mountain inns and hikers’ shelters - the ideal setting for your leisurely stroll, day hike or multi-day alpine tour. The hostile Ennstal people will indulge you with their specialties.


On a hot summer day there is nothing better than to jump into fresh water. The heated water of our spa is only 1 minute away from our house and in Aich you will find a beautiful little lake for your family. Enjoy yourself with playing table tennis, boccie or beach volleyball.
Sprung ins kühle Nass
Wandern, Klettern und Spaß haben

Miniature golf and pit pat

With your guests card you can play for free at the court at Schlossplatz in Haus!


get your kick at climbing gorges, rafting or canyoning, climbing waterfalls of ice, glacier hikes, diving into clear mountain lakes, paragliding and many more.

A great part of our trails are open from May untill October. Please ask at the tourist information centers.

Golf- und Countryclub Dachstein

Hit the perfect drive in the heart of the Alps - our region’s 4 golf courses guarantee you the ideal opportunity: Schladming, Schloss Pichlarn, Weissenbach and Radstadt.

This golf course ranks top five in the „Golf in Austria“ 5 Stars index.

Kneipp Cure

In the romantic forest between Weißenbach and Aich you will find a „Kneippanlage“. Walk through the cold water very slow making small steps and give new power to your cardiovascular system. Discovering Kneipp means rediscovering one's own self again.


With your guest’s card you play at the tennis courts of Tennisclub Haus at reduced prices.

Hit for kids

Here we are true family professionals:
  • Good, safe mountain trails
  • Climbing for kids
  • First Austrian Nature Trail for Children
  • Clacking mills
  • Adventure hikes
  • Bread-baking with the farmer’s wife
  • Western-style pony rides
  • Lake-side festivals
  • and so on …
Please find further information in the „Kuddlmuddl-Post“ and at the tourist information centres.
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